Mobile App Development

Mobile Associates is an industry leader in mobile app development
based outside of Atlanta, GA. Our expert team can design and build
native, cross-platform, web, and hybrid mobile apps. We have been delivering
high quality, custom mobile solutions since 2012. Additionally, we can take over
apps from other teams or finish projects that have stalled. Mobile Associates
is your best resource for mobile apps and platforms designed
around your business goals.

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Mobile Associates creates best in class native mobile apps. Common programming languages for native apps are Objective-C and Swift for iOS devices and Java for Android devices. These apps are released via the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. By creating native apps, our platforms take advantage of the features of your device. These features can be the camera, accelerometer, GPS and compass, and more. Native apps take full advantage of your device’s capabilities to create an all-in-one platform and integrated user experience.

Cross-Platform Apps


Cross-platform applications are developed through a shared operating environment. These are universal solutions that multiple mobile platforms can support. An advantage of cross-platform applications is shorter development time. This allows your app to release to market quickly.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile web apps are websites that look and feel like native applications but are not implemented in the same way. Written in HTML5 language, these applications are run by a typical web browser. Users access them by navigating to a designated URL and can be “installed” on the screen through bookmarking the page. Web apps are hard to distinguish from native apps due to having similar functionality.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile applications operate within a native container. They use web languages like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. These applications use the device’s browser engine to render HTML and process JavaScript locally. Hybrid apps take advantage of web technology and native execution by using a blend of native and website technology. They differ from web apps, as they can utilize your device’s features, like the camera. Additionally, hybrid apps run locally on your device, so offline use is supported.