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Website Upgrades: Preparing Your Website for 2016

" calendar page numbers"While we may not want to think about it, the fourth quarter is rapidly approaching. Before long, it will be time to pull out the holiday lights and decorations, and face the crowds trying to get all the shopping finished. And, while this may be exciting, it is also a reminder that a new year is around the corner, and that it’s time to start thinking about what goals you have for the upcoming year – especially if those goals involve making a bigger mark on your company’s web presence.

As a business owner, it is not enough to make New Year’s Resolutions in January you actually have to start thinking about them several months in advance and begin making changes. Perhaps the most significant change or update you can do is to give your website a new look and be sure it is meeting the needs of both your customer and the ever changing elements of the Web. For instance, for 2015, one of the biggest updates a website needed is a responsive web design.  This is still going to be the case for a long time to come as more and more people rely on mobile devices when searching the Web. However, there are several other website upgrades you can make to ensure that your website is ready for 2016.

Website Upgrades for 2016

Be Original – Find aspects and features that are unique to your brand and show them off by using cartoons or even stick figure sketches. People are always in a hurry, and while words for your websites are a must, having quirky cartoons will get your site guests more engaged. Other options for showing your style and your product include animations, not feeling restricted by a specific website grid for images and having video reviews or product explanations rather than text.  Ultimately, the goal is to make your site guests pause, and be curious about what it is you have to offer them. So, set scenarios –either through word, pictures or videos – that make them step back and wonder how their lives would be enriched by choosing you or your product.

What’s Your Type? – No longer is one restricted to only using Helvetica or Arial font for a website. Thanks to Google’s free font collection, there are now numerous font choices available so you can customize your site to suit your product. Also, give special thought to the size and weight of the typography you chose, as these elements are equally important to how a site guests reacts to your website.

Keep It Simple – Today’s consumer doesn’t have time to sort through pages of information.  Rather than going for the prize of “Most Website Pages Ever ” consider streamlining –without sacrificing the crucial information- whenever possible.  Most of today’s consumers feel less is more. Also, by minimizing content, but including strong Call to Action statements and buttons, you will encourage site guests to reach out to you, thus allowing for interactions that are more personal.

Responsive Design – If you have yet to make the upgrade to a responsive website design now is the time to do so. Websites that are not RWD will be penalized by Google. Get your site upgraded before 2016 begins.

These are just a few ways to upgrade your website and thus increase site guests and your web presence. If you are interested in seeing your business and website reach improve in 2016, give us a call now. We love to see you succeed and exceed 2015’s accomplishments. Contact Mobile Associates today to learn how we can help you.