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Web & eCommerce Sites

We build seamless integration between the mobile and web experience. If you don’t have a web presence, we can build one specifically tailored for your business. If you have an outdated site, now is the time to update and have it optimized for mobile viewing by your existing customers as well as drive new sales opportunities.

Out With The Old

  • Outdated Sites – Many organizations may have a Website or eCommerce system, but the information on the site may be static or simply dated and in need of a makeover. Your website shouldn’t be a billboard, but rather a useful source of information for your customers, internal employees, and a major channel to drive new sales opportunities for your business.
  • Dynamic and Relevant – If your site hasn’t been updated in the last two years, now is the time to get everything in order. We will not only spruce things up, but we will make sure the information on your site is relevant and empower you with the tools to keep it updated going forward.
  • Mobile Responsive – With over 1 billion people having smartphones and more than 50 percent of them accessing web from those mobile devices, your site should be optimized for mobile viewing or you will miss a huge percentage of traffic and sales. Making your site mobile responsive is an inexpensive way to make sure your website can easily and efficiently be viewed from a mobile device.

In With The New

  • Building New WebSites – If you’re a new organization or simply never got around to building a Web or eCommerce site, Mobile Associates is here to help. We can design, build, and deliver a new innovative web experience for customers to access via desktop or browser. Our sites are customized to fit your needs and we believe in empowering our customers by providing administrative tools allowing you to update your own content, images, and blogs to keep your site interesting and relevant for years to come.
  • eCommerce Sites – If you have products to sell, it’s easier than you think to get an eCommerce site in place allowing customers from around the world to purchase from you. Whether you’re a “mom and pop shop” or a thriving enterprise this is a great opportunity to expand your sales and reach new levels of growth. We handle everything from the initial product review through order management to final sale in the purchase path.
  • Seamless Integration – Your Web or eCommerce site can be stand-alone, but you can reach new levels of productivity by allowing us to integrate your Web/eCommerce system into your existing backend inventory, order management, accounting systems. We believe in seamless integration for improved efficiency whenever possible.
  • Operational Efficiency and Productivity – Websites and Web Apps are not only used to reach your customers, they are a great way to improve your internal operational efficiency and productivity. Think of the information that is most useful for your employees or streamlining the major functions of their daily jobs. Imagine that information and those functions in Web based client or Web App to be easily accessible from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Device anywhere inside or outside your organization. The productivity gains and the decrease in operational costs for your organization can be amazing.
  • Secure Information – Putting your company information out to the world wide web or onto mobile devices can be scary, so we take special care to ensure the Security of your Systems and your Data is in the forefront of everything we do. We strictly adhere to PCI Data Security Standards and continually focus on protecting your company and customer information.
  • Mobile Responsive & SEO Optimized – We strive to build all of our web & eCommerce sites to be mobile responsive. If you take the time to build it, then build it right and make sure your site is visible and useful regardless of the mechanism used to view it. We also ensure all our sites are “On Page” SEO Optimized which means the site is built in a structure to be easily indexed and presents your information in ways to help improve your overall ranking with the major search engines.

Types of Mobile Websites

  • Mobile Responsive Design – Takes what you have on your website and optimizes the content for presentation on a mobile device. This is the least expensive option but since it generally includes all the content from your site, can sometimes display information that isn’t as relevant for a mobile device.
  • Dynamic / Adaptive Design – Doesn’t necessarily display everything on your website, but instead determines what content is most relevant for a mobile device and then presents it in an optimized form. This is more difficult to implement and generally costs more, but the final product is an optimized website with mobile relevant content.
  • Mobile URL – This is a site build specifically for a mobile device. If the primary website (URL) detects a user is viewing from a mobile device, they are then routed to the Mobile URL. The cost of this option may vary, but the implementation may be easier and provides a unique experience specifically crafted for a Mobile handset.