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The Many Breeds of Mobile Apps

So you’ve decided that your business needs a mobile app. You’re excited and ready to get started immediately, right? Well, there are a few things you need to think about before jumping into the app development process. First and foremost, what kind of mobile app do you want your idea to become?
This question may seem confusing at first because it isn’t something most people think about. However, in a world of constantly competing mobile apps and their attached businesses, picking the right breed of mobile app could make or break a business. Let’s go over the three most popular choices.
1) Native apps: This is the most popular form of a mobile application. You probably have around 20 different native apps on your phone right now. “Native” simply means that the app was developed for a certain type of device and you can only get it on that device’s app store. Having a native app has several advantages to a business including, but not limited to the ability to create push notifications which engages your customers and prevents the likelihood they’ll forget the app is on their phone; and it’s the most reliable and user friendly form of mobile apps.
2) Web apps: Web apps differ from native apps in that they run through a browser on your mobile device. It simply offers a mobile friendly version of a website that’s created with Javascript, HTML5, and CSS. Having a web app can be a perk for a business especially if the competition is still running a computer friendly website. However, because it runs on an internet browser, it’s harder to engage the customer with things like push notifications. Web apps also run much slower compared to native apps.
3) Hybrid apps: Hybrid apps are exactly as their name implies. They are a combination of both native and web apps. Most of hybrid apps are written with the same code used in web apps, like the ones mentioned above, but they also include code used in native apps to help balance the functionality of the app on whatever device it is downloaded upon. This marriage of coding allows the hybrid app to work without needless glitches and is comparatively cheaper to build versus its parent apps.
Whichever type of app you feel best fits your business, you should always have a mobile app development company by your side who looks out for your best interest. At Mobile Associates we value your ideas and want to create the most efficient mobile application possible. Call us today!