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The Journey of Mobile App Development

It all starts with an idea in your head. Maybe it was the product of a poor restaurant experience or maybe you desperately needed a car ride but no matter the inspiration, that idea spirals into something that you feel could actually benefit other people’s hectic lives. In today’s technological world, mobile apps have become the best way for people to bring their ideas to life and possibly help others in the process. But bringing that idea to life is just the tail end of a very long journey. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the necessary steps taken to turn that idea in your head into a live working mobile app.
1) Choosing a mobile platform: In addition to hiring a mobile app development company, one of the most vital steps in creating a mobile app is to find the right mobile platform for your idea. Several factors can go into this decision including the consideration of different platforms’ current customer base, the direct revenue potential, and whether or not the platform works for your particular idea. There’s also the consideration of whether or not the platforms you’re considering have a large market penetration or if it supports analytic tools. Of course there are several other things to take into mind when choosing a mobile platform, these are just a few of the more pressing issues to remember.
2)Design: It’s always important to think about what design you want your mobile app to portray. App users don’t want something too complicated or glitchy so it’s best to go about a design that’s relatively easy to use. The design process is also based a lot on trial and error. It’s better to spend more time on the initial design process than to stick with the “rough draft” (if you will) and your customers experience a significant amount of bugs. The best way to test design is with real time prototyping. It’s a fact that it costs ten times as much to correct a design failure during implementation and 25 times as much to correct the flaw after the product has been launched.
3)Execution: Turning your idea into the live working application you always dreamed it would be is a process best done with a team. Finding the right development company to help you execute your mobile app with perfection. At Mobile Associates, we value your idea and want to help you create the best application while sticking as close to your plan as possible. It’s also a fact that hiring a mobile app development company can help boost your revenue more than if you created the application alone.

We hope that you bring Mobile Associates with you on your journey and we promise to approach your idea with respect and precision. Call us today!