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The Benefits of Consolidating Company Apps

jobber_chairs_designed_by_charles__jane_dillon_1975From email systems to calendars, chat software to order processing, the average company computer system is on app overload. Consequently, we spend hours each week simply shifting between our various apps and typing in the appropriate password. We do this so much, that quite often, that those apps that were designed to make doing business easier, have actually started to delay progress and cause frustration. But, what if you could eliminate frustration and improve workflow but still have the app(s) you need? That would be the best of both worlds, would it not?

7 Benefits of Consolidating Apps

If it feels like using your company apps is like an unending game of musical chairs, then now is the time to consider how consolidating apps can benefit you. But unlike in musical chairs, taking away the apps (chairs) doesn’t mean losing.  Here’s why:

  • With a unified system, project workflow becomes easier and more cohesive. No more contradictory information between two or more apps. With a unified app, you can track team member input, deadlines, project notes, and a variety of other information so that everyone can accomplish the assigned tasks. Plus, you have a unified project record that can be referenced if something goes wrong.
  • By consolidating apps, everyone can focus on their specific initiatives, driving the project to completion more quickly.
  • There is no duplication of work or communication. Better yet, with one system there is a cohesive display of information – charts, reports, spreadsheets, etc. will be in the same style, so will work on each team member’s device the same way.
  • When apps are consolidated, it is an easy transition with little to no drama. Even better, consolidation means less work for your IT department because there are few problems that can arise, so less disruption of business.
  • Rather than needing to validate business processes across a variety of platforms, everything is one place.
  • Having one app – or perhaps two, depending on your company’s needs –means a quicker start time for your devices.
  • Your company will not lose copious amount of time making the transition from numerous apps down to one or two.

So wish no more for the perfect app. The team at Mobile Associates understands the need for not just apps, but for getting the most out of your apps.  We are happy to meet with you and to determine what type of application need to be written for your particular parameters. We can then design that app so that you can soon be more efficient and effective than ever. So don’t keep playing musical chairs with your company apps. Let us build what you need. Contact us today.