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Search Engine Optimization: An Always Updating Factor

3 Key Areas Of Focus for Organic SEO in 2017

A large part of what we do at Mobile Associates is Organic Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The basic concept of Organic SEO is related to determining how to boost the likelihood of a business’s website appearing in the top search engine results without actually paying for those positions through Pay Per Click (PPC) / AdWords, etc. The focus of what drove quality search rankings in the original days of Google has been changing on a yearly basis as they change their search algorithms, to deliver better results to customers performing the searches. As such, businesses who want to gain and retain a good search ranking must also constantly keep an eye on the changes in the industry as well as keep in sync with Google’s overall strategy around providing quality organic search results. It’s difficult for small business owners to keep up with this changing ecosystem, but here are a few tips to keep in mind to help ensure your website organically drives traffic in 2017.

1. Mobile Searches: Smartphones have been around for the past decade, but within the last 3 years we’ve seen a dramatic increase in how often they are used in search. In the past, having a mobile responsive website was something “nice to have”, but with the recent changes in the industry, it’s moved into a requirement for driving business through search traffic. It’s becoming so important, that within the last year Google changed their search algorithms to only route traffic from Mobile Searches to websites that are Mobile Responsive. We’ve seen that a majority of our customers get more than 50% of their Search traffic from mobile devices, so if you don’t happen to have a website that is Mobile Responsive, you could be losing more than 50% of your customers from a search perspective. This isn’t a reason to panic, but it is a solid reason to update that website you haven’t touched in the last 4 years to keep it fresh and ensure it’s built in a way to efficiently render on mobile devices.

2. Vocal Searching: Smart phones are becoming more equipped with higher quality voice activated technology. People don’t even need to text manually anymore due to the microphone button which records everything you say. In the past, Marketers and business owners focused on shorter keyword phrases but in 2017, single word taglines are not doing a website justice. Now, with technology that understands full sentences and responds with only the top search engine results, we step away from exact keyword matches and more into the “Intent” of the search. Business owners should take this into consideration when designing their webpages and keep in mind that more and more people are using voice activated search engines now, so make sure your webpage is geared toward more natural language and optimize for a long tail search.

3. Play By The Rules: Marketeers have tried many things to beat the system over the years related to obtaining better Search results. Loading pages with Keywords and having high numbers of Backlinks may have worked in the past, but those activities will most likely get you flagged and hurt your overall rankings with Search Engines today. When trying to determine what you should do for your site to improve your ranking, it’s always a good idea to look at the world through Google’s eyes. They make money by providing quality results when someone performs a search online. They will always be looking for ways to improve the quality of the search results they provide, which includes changing their algorithms to weed out websites trying to deceive them in any way and finding the best and most relevant sites that match a users specific search. Simply put, the best way to get a good ranking with Google or any of the primary search engines is to load your website with quality “relevant” content. Don’t try to be something you’re not, and instead present the best version of you as possible online.

Please let us know if you would like more information on any of these items, and best of luck with your SEO in 2017.