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Out With the Old: Why You Should Update Your Website

In the digital age, it’s almost impossible to find a business that does not have a website. Ever since businesses realized the Internet could be used to their advantage search engines and other forums have become filled with digital advertisements and handcrafted websites for businesses across the globe. While the growth of online business marketing is overall a positive thing, it’s easy to forget about the websites that were quite literally made in the baby stages of the Internet.
Most successful companies stay on top of their website and make sure that they update it on a regular basis. It isn’t that there’s something wrong with the actual content of the webpage, but more so that online marketing and website design is constantly updating and businesses need to follow suit so their website can bring in an audience. The best way to do this is by sorting through your outdated content. Go through everything from your HTTP status to your “Last modified” date. Make sure that the content you’re putting out into the world reflects the current goals and ideals of your company. Double check your coding and make sure that everything shown in the end product reflects your business in a professional and positive light (this can include proper tags, fonts, and even color scheme).
It’s also important to get feedback from the public. What would they like to see on your new website? What would be helpful to them that your business could provide on their website. Example, if a restaurant has a website where customers can view their hours and location, that’s a great step one. If that’s all of the information listed on the website, then there is a problem. A business’s website should have everything a prospective customer could want and in the example of a restaurant that could include a “Meet the Chef” page, a menu page, and an “About the Restaurant” page. If a client goes to a website and sees the bare minimum on that business’s webpage, why should they expect more from the business itself?
One of the most important steps towards giving your site a facelift is having a website design company that sees your vision and can help you successfully design a website that reflects that vision. At Mobile Associates, part of our mission statement is to help businesses update their website content so they can continue to grow their business and attract new clients. We understand the importance of staying as up to date as possible in the fast moving digital world and we want your website to reflect what’s special about your business.