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Our Process

Connecting with Customers

  • Iterative Agile Development – We believe in flexibility on how we service and deliver for our customers. No two organizations are exactly the same, so we are adaptive in how we work with organizations to ensure our end product is exactly what they need. An iterative development process allows the customer to play a more integrated role and also ensures any mis-direction can be quickly identified and corrected before wasting a large amount of time and effort moving in the wrong direction. We can also support more traditional delivery methodologies such as waterfall or adapt as necessary to support your organization.
  • Staffing to Support Flexibility – We have a blended organization with team members both on-shore and off-shore to improve our flexibility. Our teams on-shore give you personal face to face interaction and also allows for close collaboration on projects which require creativity and an acute understanding of customer needs. Our teams off-shore have years of experience and have built centers of excellence around specific technologies that provide an improved cost structure with savings we can then pass on to our customers. Having teams off-shore also allows us to provide a full 24X7 support structure and ensures you can get the assistance needed all hours of the day or night.
  • Long Term Relationships – We really do strive to make you completely satisfied and focus on solutions that will serve your immediate needs as well as protect your long term interest. Our goal is to deliver your projects on time, on budget, with high quality, but also focus on building a relationship with you and your organization for the long term. No project is “fire and forget” but rather an opportunity for the first step to to partner in a continued journey “Keep your business in motion.”