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Mobile App Development: Thinking Outside the Box

Business mobile applications are an interesting breed when it comes to business plans. They have become so popular yet the public doesn’t seem to be growing tired of them any time soon. It’s become so common place that for a business to not have an app of some sort is a very big turn off for prospective clients. One of the greatest things about mobile applications is that they are useful to such a diverse group of businesses. Restaurants, for example, not only have mobile friendly webpages but apps that will message customers waiting for tables.
While the popularity and diversity of mobile apps for business is a huge lifeline for a business model, these things make it all the more important to make sure that your app stands out against the competition. The best way to do that is to make sure you have a strong mobile app development company on your side but before you begin the process of building you must think of the key components of making sure your app stands out. Here are some great tips for making your mobile app unique.
Ranking app usefulness: As I mentioned before, mobile apps have become so popular that almost every type of business has a mobile app attached to their name. Almost. Consider your business venture. What service do you provide? Is it unique from any other businesses? Even if it’s something common place like a takeout delivery service, you can find ways to design your app so that it stands out from others in your business field. This is where research comes in. Research the competition. Do they offer sides with their delivery service (this avid user can testify no, not all of them do)? How useful is their site and what are their flaws? What would you as a customer like to see on a mobile app that you may not see in the competitions’?
Color design: A key aspect of creating a mobile app is understanding certain marketing techniques. One of the most popular ploys in marketing is color psychology. Certain colors register certain emotions or ideas in the human brain. While it’s not the most important factor, picking the right colors for whatever vibe you want customers to get from your business is a big deal. Neutral colors like gray, white, and black give off a sense of authority and conservativeness. Warmer colors like orange and yellow give off the sense of creativity and liveliness. Cooler colors like blue and green of course provide a sense of serenity. It all depends on how you want customers to perceive your business.
Search engine optimization: Last but certainly not least, your mobile app’s level of SEO is what can make or break it. Make sure that even when you’re creating a mock up of what you want your app to look like that you are using words (key words) that will grab your customers’ attentions more than your competition. Research key words in your field and see which ones people Google the most. For example, if you were looking for a takeout delivery service, you would want a service that pops up on Google with the words “fast” and “reliable”, right? But there are so many other words that you can plug into your mobile app content that make great keywords. But again it all comes down to research and how you want to convey your business app.
While it’s important to educate yourself on mobile app development, it’s always easier to have a reliable mobile app development company by your side. Call us at Mobile Associates today so we can get started building your dream.
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