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Maintenance and Operational Support

At Mobile Associates of Atlanta, we know that to keep the IT Systems in your enterprise stable and running smoothly with high availability requires a good strategy around maintenance and support. We don’t believe in a “fire and forget” engagement but instead look to build long term relationships with our customers and partner in helping them grow their organizations. Many of our services are focused on long term stability and high availability to ensure your systems continue to run at optimum levels.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Software Updates – With our maintenance program, we ensure your software is updated regularly to work effectively in dealing with external influences such as changes to operating systems (OS), browsers, as well as other integrated software.
  • Defect & Issue Resolution – If issues are found on your site or mobile app, we work to quickly diagnose and correct these issues so your business can run smoothly.
  • Security & Vulnerability Measures – Our apps and websites are built with security in mind, but if you encounter a security breach or are the victim of a focused security attack, we work to quickly eliminate the vulnerability and keep your site secure. Regular software updates also help protect your software security and helps keep you safe from known threats.

Content Updates

  • So Much To Do – Many companies require continual updates on their website in order to handle growth. Whether you are launching new products, or moving into new markets, your website must be able to keep in sync with the changing business. Lack of time and/or resources means your website may not get the attention it deserves and these changes never happen or happen so much later, a great opportunity is missed. We offer multiple packages to support these content updates and give you additional time to focus on more important things such as your next step to remain competitive in the marketplace.
  • As Needed – If you don’t make frequent changes, this might be the best answer. Simply let us know when you want something changed and we’ll handle it from there.
  • Bucket of Hours – If your changes occur randomly through the year, then a bucket of hours may be good way to keep costs lower and provide the coverage you need to quickly update your site.
  • Monthly/Annual – If you’re in a phase of growth, continually launch new products and new markets or if you simply don’t want the hassle of having to deal with your website, a monthly or annual agreement will help remove the burden and see your website gets updated on a regular basis.


  • 3rd Party – We sare not opposed to you having a website hosted with a 3rd party provider (,,, etc) and wanting to continue the relationship. However, if you want to remove the headache and deal with one company for all your website needs, we will be glad to step in and manage your hosting service so you have a single company to work with for any issues and a consolidated bill for your website each month.
  • In House – If you don’t already use a hosting provider, we can support your hosting needs in-house and handle everything behind the scenes such as renewals on domain names, updating Security Certificates, and serving as a filter to keep your personal information secure.
  • Safe and Sound – Just because a company is hosting your website, doesn’t mean they are maintaining regular backups to ensure your data and websites are safe and recoverable. With Mobile Associates of Atlanta hosting your website through a 3rd party company or in-house, we will see that your site is backed up on a regular basis, and in case of an emergency or major issue, it can be recovered quickly to limit the downtime and negative impact to your business.