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IT Strategy & Consulting

The team at Mobile Associates of Atlanta, Georgia knows that as an enterprise or small business, now is the time to focus on a solid mobile and IT strategy. This is your opportunity to get an edge on the competition and optimize the your organization’s efficiency. Our professionals strive to truly understand your needs and objectives, through focusing on understanding the nuances of your market and industry, then partnering with you to create and implement a plan for the future.

Mobile Strategy and Web Strategy

  • Business Drivers – An important part of any mobile strategy or web strategy is making sure anything you do in these areas helps support or enable your organization’s goals and purpose. Additionally, a good strategy should help answer one. if not all of, the following questions: What can we do better because of an investment in mobility? What can we do to drive new incremental revenue and profit? How can we make our employees and organization more productive?
  • Best Practices Mobile – Plan your infrastructure for the long-term and while including the ability to scale. Initially, keep the feature-set simple and focus on user experience. Incorporate good analytics and make sure you respond to customer feedback. Build efficiency into your process early and remain agile in your ability to deal with changes in the market or customer demand.

Next Generation Platforms

  • Learn From Our Experience – Our team has extensive experience in the strategy and delivery of next generation platforms in large enterprise systems. Over the years, we’ve learned a great deal about what to do, and what not to do, in delivering these programs successfully. Save time and money by letting Mobile Associates share our knowledge and experience with you as we embark on building the next level of application platform to take your organization forward.
  • Cross Channel Unified Experience – Many organizations have a varied assortment of applications used to support all the different channels of the organization. This is very costly to support and inefficient. We specialize in helping create a unified experience across all these channels (Customer Service, Retail, Sales, Web, & Mobile). We can complete user experience and usability studies to understand the core functionality needed by your workforce, and then see that functionality is delivered in a concise, intuitive, and logical manner to drive improved productivity in your organization.

Program & Project Delivery

  • Assortment of Skills –  In order to support the ever changing needs of our customers our teams have a diverse skill-set. If you have a program or project that’s run off the tracks or if you have a need for additional resources or individuals with a skill-set in an area you can’t support, please let us know. If we can’t support your specific need ourselves, we’ll help find someone who can. We have great relationships with other individuals and organizations who specialize in a wide range of technologies and we can  quickly expand and contract our organizational size and skill-set makeup to support the ebb and flow of your business demand.