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How to be a Great Client

meettingWith the new year, you may be thinking about an having an updated version of your company website or perhaps the addition of a web app to make your company more accessible to clients. Each of these are great ways to boost your company’s productivity and income. However, there is more to website design and app creation than simply telling a designer that one is needed.

If you are planning to have some new elements created for your company, there are some things you can do to help you be the best client ever, so that you can get the best finished product available. In fact, by using the tips below, you may be surprised at just how awesome the finished product is.

7 Tips for Being a Great Client

  1. Come in prepared – There are so many elements that need to be provided to a web or app designer. Depending on your project, be sure to have the following: links to all your social platforms, a general contact email address, your full official business name, logos and desired graphics, any logins for a current website, and a clear idea of what you want the finished project to look like.
  2. Pictures – Do you have specific company pictures or images? If so, bring them along, too. The more info your designer has to work with, the better.
  3. Comparison Point – Is there a website or app that is similar to what you have in mind? Then be sure to show that to the web designer as that helps them know what direction to take.
  4. Demographic –Who are you marketing to? If you know this, it will give us a better picture of how the finished design needs to work.
  5. Listen – The goal of the designer is to be listen to what you want and need, but they also need you to listen to their thoughts and trust their experience. Along the way, you will need to give your input on how the product is shaping up. Be patient, and let the designer ask you for feedback.
  6. Communicate – Sometimes, you may be seeing something that is still a work in progress. Waiting till they ask for feedback will save on stress. Conversely, if there is something you do not like, say so. Do not wait till the end of the project to point out things you don’t like.
  7. Content – Ideally, you should provide the written content for your website, but if you choose to work with a copywriter, then be sure to bring along as much information about your company/services as possible so that they can create SEO content that meets your needs.

Having a new website or app is a great way to make 2017 even better than all the previous years. Talk to the design pros at Mobile Associates to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help. We look forward to hearing what you have to say and working with you to design the site or app you have always wanted.