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Geolocation: How Can it Benefit You?

"geolocation map"In recent months you may have notice that social media platforms ask less about “How you are?” and more about “Where you are?”  This change in approach is result of apps and sites such as FourSquare, the check in feature on Facebook, and  geolocation tools designed to allow your business to be one of the answers when someone does a search for local businesses who provide your service.

In its simplest form, geolocation is the process of detecting a specific location within a particular zip code. It allows the user to quickly locate everything from the weather to the closest dining venue, shopping location or any other place one might use their smart phone to find.

Geolocation and Business

There are four types of geolocation forms – each of which can be extremely beneficial to you in promoting and building your business.

  • SMS Text Messaging – Location based text alerts that can keep customers up to date of sales, promotions and news alerts.
  • Check-ins – Guests use a mobile app to check in to your location. Their check in is then posted to the platform(s)- Facebook, Yelp, etc. – of their choice.
  • Push Notifications – The geolocation app is sends push notifications to users who have opted in to receive special offers, notices about events, and other information regarding the business.
  • Pull Notifications – Sometimes referred to as geo-fencing, this uses geolocation apps that enable pull notifications, so that people near a business are alerted of specials, events, etc. the business is having.

So, what does geolocation mean for the well-informed business owner? After all, new customers can now find you much more easily and you want to be able to benefit from it. Here are some reasons to use geolocation for your business.

  • Cost – By having a custom geolocation app built you can ensure that your business is included when people are in your area. In fact, companies can be found due to geolocation for as little as $50 a month.
  • Location – You will be able to specifically target people based on their needs in your area.
  • Knowledge – With geolocation and sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, Yext, and others, you will be able to know what your customers think about you and make adjustments, if needed, accordingly.
  • Rewards – Create special incentives only available when people find your business using geolocation search results.
  • Measure Data – Many location-based services provide data on check-ins and other metrics, thus enabling you to measure the results of their marketing efforts.
  • Higher Click-Through Rates – Consumers will be more aware of what is around them, and able to make better informed decisions. A geolocation app will provide consumers the information they need to find your venue.

These are but a few ways that geolocation can be used to improve your business. As time goes by, there are sure to be many other benefits in having an app that is geo-locational.

Geolocation is a great way to get the word out about your business. It allows you to make connections and track Internet usage better thanks to its interaction with customer review sites. So don’t just wait to be found. Talk to us about creating a mobile friendly geolocation mobile app for your business today.