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Is Your Website Connecting with the Millennial Generation?

If your goal is to reach the Millennial generation, then there are many key factors you need to have as a part of your website. More importantly, to ignore this generation (those consumers born since 1985) is to overlook a significant portion of society. After all, the U.S. Census Bureau has determined that the Millennial […]

How Can Instagram Help Your Business?

Consider this: Only 9% of small businesses are using Instagram. Twenty percent of Fortune 500 companies use Instagram. Forty-three percent of Top 100 brands post daily on Instagram. Ninety-six percent of US fashion brands use Instagram. As you can surmise, despite what many businesses may believe Instagram is not just for tweens, teens, and college […]

16 Tips for Boosting Your Company’s Social Media

We all know the value of social media. But sometimes, knowing how to and where to begin can be overwhelming. The Mobile Associates team wants to help you maximize your business as many platforms and methods as possible. However, for many businesses, the thought of taking on social media is a bit scary. If you […]

7 Steps for Online Reputation Management

"online reputation management puzzle"

No matter how many good reviews and positive remarks your business may have, it often seems like the only comments that get shared are the negative ones.  This can be discouraging. However, when those negative remarks get shared online, the affect can be devastating because the audience is so much larger! And, in today’s busy […]

SEO: 7 Tips for Making it Work

"SEO word cloud"

At a recent SMX Advance meeting this month, web guru Cyrus Shepard of Moz stated, “The number one ranking factor, in terms of where you should be putting your energy, is in satisfying user intent.” So, with that statement in mind, it is absolutely necessary to see that you are using SEO to meet the needs […]