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Company Spotlight: SPUR Institute

"Race track with runner"

There’s something special about being part of a project that’s bigger than yourself. It may be a philanthropic project, a team event at work, a community event or some other way in which one is involved, but when you look back on the project, that sense of accomplishment is worth the time invested. Not too […]

Company Spotlight: Bambu Salon & Spa


Do you ever need a little bit of time just for indulging in your own needs? Perhaps just an hour or two where the only person you are responsible for is yourself? Then the Bambu Salon of Canton is the place you need to go. With a staff that understands how important it is  you […]

Company Spotlight: True Salon and Spa

"facial massage"

We love to help you shine, and as Atlanta web developers, the Mobile Associates team gets the opportunity to work with many unique and interesting local businesses. Some time ago, we were able to work with the talented stylists and massage therapist at true Salon and Spa. As we worked with owners, Lynda Baker and […]

Company Spotlight: Independent Fitness Consulting

"massage therapy"

Mobile Associates of Atlanta is involved with a wide range of businesses in the metropolitan area. We love getting to know the people who manage these businesses and help them develop a web presence that enhances who they are and what they have to offer. One such local business we have worked with, are the […]