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Bootstrap: What It Is and How It’s Used

While you may not be familiar with Bootstrap, chances are, you have encountered it’s abilities as you visit websites from your mobile device. Bootstrap is a framework that allows for responsive web design (RWD), though it can be used for other applications. It is not the answer to all website designs, but Bootstrap is definitely an option to be considered. – especially since it has a solid level of adoption (it is used in 34% of Themeforest as the core in Joomla 3, and WordPress Theme Directory has 221 Bootstrap-based themes – that’s 11% of all their themes.), is fully documented and is included in the web application templates.

So, what is it that really causes so many website developers to choose Bootstrap? After all, it is not the only RWD option available! If you are on the fence regarding Bootstrap, then here are some reasons to consider implementing it with your next website upgrade:

  • Bootstrap is relatively easy to use, and can be adapted for several different platforms, including CSS/LESS and Sass.
  • You can quickly convert an old-school website to a responsive design.
  • Bootstrap has a great deal of ready-made coding blocks that you can use for setting up the grids on your website – this is especially helpful in adapting grids to a RWD.
  • Bootstrap libraries offer easy to implement pre-styled pieces of code that will add more to overall website. These elements include typography, forms, buttons, images, and icons.
  • It offers a convenience for both designers and developers, that allows them to create websites that are uniform on all platforms, browsers and devices.
  • Although there is a plethora of code already written, Bootstrap is simple to customize per your specific needs.
  • It is extremely easy to integrate into your website – whether it is an older site or a brand new one.
  • Bootstrap works great with components like dropdowns, button groups, the navigation bar, labels and badges, alerts, progress bars, and more.
  • There are 3 different versions of Bootstrap, so you are able to download the one that meets your skill set, and even better, there is plenty of support for users of Bootstrap, should you run into a problem.

Bootstrap has been around for a while, and will likely remain one of the most popular RWD tools available. If you are planning an upgrade to your website, there is a good chance that Bootstrap will be involved.  So, if you have any questions about how Bootstrap can improve your website, talk to the pros at Mobile Associates. With our many years of experience and a strong understanding of Bootstrap and responsive web design, we can make your updated website better than you ever imagined.