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Avoid These 7 SEO Mistakes in 2017

seo-1216145_960_720Search Engine Optimization is nothing new to anyone who has had a website for any length of time.  But how much do you really know about SEO? Although it is one of the most commonly acknowledged parts of a website,  it is one area about which there is much confusion and often contradictory information. But, if you are looking for ways to improve your website and boost business in 2017, then ensuring that you are not making any SEO mistakes is a great place to begin.

7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

  1. Be careful of the links you have. There was a time where link buying seemed common place  and accepted, but in more recent years this practice has been viewed as a Black Hat practice. Sure, there are occasions where the bought link can have value, just be sure to do your due diligence. A few other Black Hat practices to avoid include using duplicate or low quality content, keyword stuffing or hiding words on a page, stealing content from other sites or using cloaking tactics to hide your site’s true purpose.
  2. While buying spammy links is bad, it should also be noted that good backlinks are important – just so long as they are acquired naturally. Consider PPC campaigns, social media ads, and other forms of organic SEO.
  3. Slow load time due to an overloaded website. Sure, you want your website to be engaging and using graphics, video, and other forms of media is important, but be sure that they do not slow down how quickly your website loads! Site guests will leave when load time is slow, and this will ultimately affect search engine ranking.
  4. Be sure your site is easily navigated. One of the most common SEO mistakes made is sites that forget about ease of navigation. Ideally, the guests should be able to find the info they need with 2-3  clicks.  Having a site map will also help the web bots, and thus improve search engine ranking.
  5. Don’t devalue local search! Studies show that 92% of all US consumers perform local search on their mobile devices. These guests are usually more motivated to make purchases immediately. Be sure your site incorporates local landmarks, city names, and most importantly your company name, address and phone number. This alone will help your ranking in Google and Bing.
  6. Think about wording. While hyperlinking phrases such as “Click Here” or “Learn More” can be nice, those phrases are not as SEO friendly as saying “Click here to speak to a web professional”.
  7. Watch out for 301 and 302 redirects. Whenever content is moved from one site to another, search engines consider it a new page sans ranking – unless a 301 or 302 redirect is made. These are temporary signals that the content will be returned at a later date. Take time to set these up, so you can keep guests and web bots in the know.

Remember, dramatic results don’t happen overnight, and SEO is no different. Be willing to make the changes, do A/B testing, make new changes and wait again. It will take time. But the important thing is to remember that SEO is an ongoing process, in which you will always need to be making updates.

By avoiding these SEO errors on your website, you can know that you are already off to a great start for the year ahead. If you have questions about how to improve your website or build your web presence, talk to the website professionals at Mobile Associates. We know how to take your business to the next level. Give the Mobile Associates team a call today!