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Application Development

Mobile Associates of Atlanta, Georgia understands that unification of applications across multiple channels is a big driver for many businesses today. Retail, customer service, sales, web and mobile should all present relevant information in an intuitive, logical, and secure manner. The Mobile Associates team can update your existing systems, build your next generation platform to drive new sales, or decrease your operational overhead by moving your entire infrastructure to the Cloud.

Unified Customer Experience

  • The Problem – Through years of company growth, many organizations end up with far too many applications on the desktops of Customer Service Representatives and Retail Sales Associates. Many times it is easier for these companies to simply add another application to meet the current need instead of consolidating and sunsetting outdated systems. This results in a cluttered desktop for the users, increased support costs for your organization, and general inefficiency in your ability to service customers through these channels.
  • The Solution – Mobile Associates has extensive experience working with large enterprises to understand your situation, audit the application suite, understand user experience, and then build a strategy for unification of these applications or build a Next Generation Platform to take the most frequently used functions from these groups and consolidate them in an intuitive and useful User Interface or Application Platform. We’ve seen very impressive results through decreases in customer call resolution time (CRT), training time and cost, staffing costs, and operational costs from supporting so many unneeded applications.

Building Something New

  • Find A Need – Fill A Need – If your business is getting into something new, or if you simply have a need but not the tools to support it, Mobile Associates can help. We will partner with your organization to fully understand what you’re trying to do, and then work as needed through user experience and usability studies to build custom applications or application platforms to get your business moving in the right direction. Our associates have experience in numerous development languages and platforms and our organization is structured in a way we can easily expand to accommodate a diverse set of needs by our customers.

Existing Application Enhancements

  • Development Support of Existing Applications – It’s costly for organizations to maintain the full time staff necessary to support a large suite of existing enterprise applications. It’s much easier and generally cost effective to create a Managed Services Agreement with Mobile Associates of Atlanta to maintain the staff and support the ongoing care and feeding of your enterprise applications. This gives you a clear central point of accountability so your application platform is updated and maintained ensuring up-time and availability. This also frees your internal workforce from supporting legacy systems so it can focus on new initiatives.
  • New Business Initiatives – Sometimes, it is a challenge for IT teams to keep the systems up and running efficiently and to deal with development requests to support new business initiatives. This struggle sometimes overtaxes the organization. Mobile Associates can help you deal with the “ebb and flow” of IT demands related to new business Initiatives by engaging our talented team of experts to help you effectively deal with new capital projects and deliver on time, on budget, and with quality. Instead of being “another reason IT let us down” you can partner with your business units and receive accolades for your ability to solve problems and continually deliver with success.