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5 Ways an Employee Facing Mobile App Improves Business

"mobile device"We all know that having an app designed for our customers is an important part of having a profitable business. After all, the well-designed app can:

  • Enhance the visibility of your business
  • Offer a direct channel for marketing
  • Improve recognition
  • Build your brand
  • Get you ahead of your competition
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Send your advertisements and special promotional directly to your customers

But, have you considered how an employee facing mobile app can make it easier for your personnel to do their work? The short answer is that an employee facing mobile app means more time, which equals more money but there are other reasons an employee facing app is a wise investment.

An employee facing mobile app, sometimes referred to as an enterprise app, is one designed just for you and your employees so that you can be more efficient. It provides you as the business owner an easy way to retrieve and convey information for those employees both in the field and onsite, making it easier for you to run your business. But there are several other benefits in having a custom-built employee-facing app for your business.

  1. Does your business that has multiple venders selling your product or providing services? If the answer is, yes, then you know how easy it is to overbook or over-sell. With an employee facing app, everyone can find out information such as scheduled maintenance, product/dates available, who is best experienced for a particular job, job location and other parameters for your business. When your in-field people show up at a job, your customers will be impressed with the great customer service and the knowledge and the efficiency of your company.
  2. Keeping up with inventory can be a full time job! With a custom employee facing mobile, you can collect data that will make it easier to plan inventory purchasing, keep the shelves properly stocked, set up an early warning system to let you know when products are getting low and locate where a particular item is.
  3. Keep up when any equipment needs to be serviced or have a preventative maintenance appointment rather than dealing with a disaster that could have been prevented with a scheduled checkup. You can also have a feature that reminds you to inspect your equipment to ensure it is up to date based on industry standards.
  4. Employee facing mobile apps are fantastic for tracking data of all types. Keep up with performance indicators and note which products are doing better/worse so that you can adjust your approach accordingly.
  5. Set better goals and then track your progress. Whether it is to reduce the amount of “wasted” time or improve communication, an app is the ideal answer.

An employee facing mobile app is the perfect item to put at the top of your company’s 2016 New Year’s Resolution To Do List. It can be designed so that it makes 2016 the greatest year yet, thus making it one of your best investments ever. So, don’t wait until next summer to decide to get a company app. Talk to us today to learn how we can make the new year your best in company history!